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February 2018 Bookshelf

Come Rain or Come Shine (Mitford Years #13) by Jan Karon
287 pages

The long-awaited wedding of Dooley and Lace is the main focus of this title and it's wonderful. Now, you might say I am biased because I love this series and its characters so much but it really is wonderful. We hear from Dooley and Lace, which I think Karon might be slowly turning the series over to. Maybe. No matter, I really enjoyed the perspectives on life that Karon gave from the voices of Dooley and Lace. And she made me look forward to their future as the new owners of Meadowgate farm and the vet practice Dooley bought from Hal Owen. Because Karon allowed us, the reader, to watch Lace and Dooley grow into the young adults they become this book was touching for me. I confess, sometimes I forget this town and these characters aren't real - Karon does such an amazing job bringing them to life. There are a few series that I will read as many times as my lifetime allows and the Mitford series is on that list.…

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