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January 2018 Bookshelf

New year of the Bookworm and some new features! Why give books stars when I can award them bookworms? So instead of five stars, the books I read will be rated out of five bookworms. I can't believe I didn't carry the theme through before now! And, if I think a book is a must-read then you'll note my "bookworm this" recommendation. Also, my reReads and Bookmarked sections will continue, I started those mid-2017.

I almost did a somewhat backwards goal for reading this year. I almost limited myself to a certain number of books instead of setting my normal goal of 100. I want to make sure I'm really getting the insights etc of the non-fiction books I read. But instead of limiting myself I'm slowing myself down by reading every non-fiction book twice. So when I read and review a non-fiction book it will be only after I have read it twice, back to back. This is my way of slowing myself down on non-fiction and really getting what the themes etc of the title are.

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