Welcome to my Bookshelf

Anyone who knows me well knows I am an avid reader.  My Mama taught me to read when I was two and I've been reading ever since.  She raised all of her children to read and to learn to love reading.  Reading is a type of therapy for me, it's a way I take care of myself.  If it's been too long since I have read for pleasure my Mom is quick to ask me, when she notices my mood is off, how long it has been since I have read a book for enjoyment. 

This past year I got on goodreads.com and created a way to help my memory with what I've read and what I want to read.  It's safe to say I add a couple of books to my "to read" list weekly, sometimes daily, and as of this post I've got 969 books on my "to read" list!  The saying, "so many books and so little time," is often uttered from my lips.  There were so many books I wanted to read and I had a hard time remembering them so I'm grateful for a site like GoodReads that has become my memory!  It also tracks the books I've read and I've posted reviews of those books on there. 

Not only am I an avid reader but I read really fast and I do so not skipping a word.  I read every word - every jot and tittle so to speak.  Every "a", "the", "and", etc is read by me but I just happen to read really fast.  It isn't unusual for me to read 2-3 novels in a weekend while also busy with my life.  It's normal for me and unbelievable for others.  But trust me, I'm reading every word and I retain the stories with pretty decent accuracy!  :) 

So because people who know me know all this about me I am being asked almost daily about books, authors, etc.  A friend's daughter blogs each month about what she has read and gives a short review.  I have decided to do the same.  It's kind of fun to look back and see what I've been reading and what genre I've been immersed in or what kind of non-fiction topic has grabbed my attention.  That's another important thing to note: I am almost always reading a fiction and non-fiction simultaneously.  It takes me longer to get through non-fiction because I'm a highlighter and note taker and like to really soak it in but I will usually have one of each going at the same time. 

All opinions about authors and books are mine alone and do not reflect anyone else's reviews or opinions. 

Welcome to my Bookshelf! 


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