My Top Books of 2013

2013 held 105 books read and 8 books abandoned!  It's the most I've ever abandoned but as I get older I'm getting a little more particular about how I choose to spend my time reading and what I read.  If you've been following my monthly bookshelf you may remember that October was a particularly bad month for reading.
One of my goals for 2013 was to read some classics and begin to work my way through some "heady" C.S. Lewis.  While I didn't read as much as I wanted to in either of those categories I did manage to read 3 C.S. Lewis and I attempted a few "classics" but they landed on my abandoned list.
Every year as I read more and more and expand my list (to date my to-read list has 1314 books on it!) I am discovering what I like and what I don't and I'm learning to not feel bad about what I don't like.  We all have our personal preferences and sometimes when I try a genre or an author outside of my personal preferences I am surprised at my love for it and sometimes my dislike for it is confirmed.  For example, I'm beginning to see that I might not appreciate or like "classics" very much and instead of letting others make me feel bad about it, or making myself feel bad about it, I'm just learning to accept it.  Some schools of thought say that if you don't like or appreciate the "classics" then intellectually you are stunted.  I say pish-posh.  It just means I have a different preference for writing styles and eras than someone else may.  For the record, I don't care at all for black and white movies so go ahead and put another mark by my name.  :)  That's part of the joy of reading and the pleasure in having multiple genres and thousands upon thousands of authors to discover, it opens up our minds and our imaginations for things we never thought we would like or learn and it caters to all different tastes and preferences.
Reading is a true joy and pleasure.  It is therapy for me, I learn from it - even from fiction books, it helps expand my thought processes, I learn new words and new cultures.
If you haven't picked up a book recently I encourage you to pick one up and rediscover the pleasure of it. Who cares how fast or slow you read, just read!  :)

Here's a list of my top books for 2013.  These are the books that I was still thinking about days, weeks, months later.  If you click on the month they were read you can scroll through that month and read my review of the title.  I hope you have some books that have impacted you recently!

January 2013:

February 2013:


April 2013:

May 2013:

June 2013:

July 2013:

September 2013:

November 2013:

December 2013:

I have some goals for genres and authors for 2014 but I hold those loosely because not a day goes by that I'm not adding to my to-read list and discovering another author I want to try.  I hope to continue my quest to read through classics, and perhaps not feel like abandoning them!  I'll continue to give C.S. Lewis non-fiction a try and I hope to tackle a few series that have been out forever but I haven't gotten to them yet.  I can't wait to see what 2014 holds for good reads! How about you and your reading "goals"?


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