January 2015 Bookshelf

Daughters of Iraq by Revital Shiri-Horowitz
288 pages
abandoned at page 92

I start off the new month and new year with an abandoned book. Such a bummer! I tried to give this book a fair chance but every time I picked it up to read and got a page or two in, I would find myself falling asleep! The story moves so slowly and the characters aren't compelling enough to keep me interested.  So in the spirit of "ain't nobody got time for this" when I have a 'to-read' list a mile long, I abandoned the book.
It's a story that is voiced through three different women, all related to one another. By page 92, however, the story has barely moved along and I'm annoyed with one of the women.  Horowitz doesn't develop her characters, in my opinion, they are not interesting. By page 92 I still wasn't sure what the actual story was and where it was going. By that point the reader should have some sort of sense of what the conflict, climax, and resolution of the story could be.  I felt in the dark and there was nothing within the pages to keep me interested in reading.
This was originally written in Hebrew and translated into English so I'm wondering if that had something to do with the disconnect I felt with the story and characters.  I always hate abandoning a book but as the saying goes, "so many books and so little time." I've got to move on.

Salting Roses by Lorelle Marinello
313 pages

An easy to read, enjoyable story of Gracie Calloway, left in a coal bucket on a front porch when she was a few months old.
All her life Gracie has imagined a life with a Mama, but her Mama doesn't seem to want to do anything with her.  So she's been raised by two old men and an old woman. On her 25th birthday Gracie is introduced to a new person who brings news that changes her entire life, and the lives she has been surrounded by.  Happy in her simple existence, Gracie wants nothing to do with changes and new possibilities. But everyone else wants her to take the changes. It's going to be up to Gracie to decide if the changes can be a part of her life and still allow her to be who she is and wants to remain.
It's a fairly predictable story, yet enjoyable to read. Character development was good, the story moved along at a good pace.

And that's it!  I know right?  Here's a visual of why I only read one book this month.

Head on over to The 365 Experiment and you'll see what project has sucked away any and all spare time I have to read, grocery shop, clean house, etc. I'm way too Type A for my own good! And yes, because reading is partly a form of self-care for me I am indeed feeling a little crazy.  (And for those of you about to question if I know who that is in the picture and why she popped up in images for crazy eyes, the answer is yes - I do know!  Admit it, you are a little shocked and scandalized about me right now. *wink*)

I'm so incredibly hopeful that my life sucking (but fun!) 365 will be done enough soon and I can resume reading as part of my regular program for sanity!

What good reads did you have this month?


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